The Initiative

Traffic safety will be stimulated by the STAR initiative. Always registering all types of traffic accidents is central to this.

Aim The societal importance of improving accident registration in the short term is high.
Focus The focus in STAR is on the chain: ‘accident > registration > analysis’ in other words police, Association of Insurers, VIA and the stakeholders.
Accident reporting Using MobileDamageReporting those involved can quickly and easily enter the accident’s details.
Deal The stakeholders will, as far as they are able, do their utmost to encourage people to register every accident using MobileDamageReporting.
Signing The SafetyDeal was ratified by the stakeholders at the National Traffic Safety Conference on 24 April 2014.
Stakeholders The stakeholders have their own means of promoting, stimulating or even controlling the desired registration.
ReportCharacteristicsPlus The police register every accident they attend and immediately send the data to the MoT & the Police Report Foundation. The latter sends anonymised data to VIA.
MobileDamageReporting Now suitable for all types of accidents and traffic safety analyses. The data is sent to insurers and, after being anonymised, to VIA.
VIA Signal VIA combines the police and insurers’ data and ensures the up-to-date STAR database is accessible through VIA Signal.
Public data VIA designs and manages the STAR database. The data is annually transferred to the MoT to be added to the national database pro deo.
National database MoT manages and enriches the public database with data from the STAR database using KREVIN: quality improvement of accident registration project
Privacy The privacy of personal and vehicle data has been safeguarded, anonymisation is effected by the providing party before the data is sent to the STAR database.
At the time of the accident During the processing of the traffic accident, the services involved such as the police, the road inspectors and the ANWB point out the option of using MobileDamageReporting.
Stakeholders They are the most suitable party to use their comm. channels to raise awareness among traffic participants with regard to the option and importance of using MobileDamageReporting.
Target group The slogan “Traffic incident? Always MobileDamage- Reporting” allows every target group to be approached specifically.
Visual language The visual language for MobileDamageReporting enables playful, flexible implementation for various target groups and makes it appealing.
Media toolkit Press releases, articles, logos and an animation are available and can be used as stakeholders see fit.
Free publicity Articles and press contacts will be used to generate free publicity. Every stakeholder uses the opportunities that arise.
Fact attribution Unique querying and method in MobileDamageReporting app help to objectively record the event for the insurer.
Cause of accident Questions pertaining to traffic safety have been integrated into the insurers’ questions keeping the list of questions short.
Data enrichment As many of the questions as possible are completed automatically thanks to links to the Cloud: makes things easy for the user and results in reliable information.
Detailed information The option of adding photographs and listing the email address enables additional detailed information to be gathered.
Exact location A special service has been developed to pinpoint the exact location right down to actual parts of the junction so that this information is available for analysis.
Manoeuvre diagram The manoeuvre diagram that is crucial to proper analysis is drawn on the basis of simple questions.
Higher numbers The introduction of Report-CharacteristicsPlus by the police has brought accident reporting data back up to the old level of 2009.
More efficient Using new ICT technologies enables the smart linking and fast exchange of data.
Up to date impression Thanks to VIA Signal, road managers & the police now have up-to-date accident data allowing them to rapidly respond to unsafe situations and take corrective action.
Collaboration Traffic safety now receives the attention it deserves once more thanks to the joint efforts and collaboration between the relevant partners.
Support The public-private cooperation between the initiators with commercial funding and the efforts and support of the stakeholders, offers STAR a solid basis for the future.
Continued development The constructive collaboration that constantly focuses on efficient accident registration using new technologies offers continuity.


STAR is a Nationale Politie
[National Police],
Verbond van Verzekeraars
[Dutch Association of Insurers]
and traffic ICT agency VIA initiative.

Nationale Politie

Thorough registration and to offer the desired support.

Verbond van Verzekeraars

Meticulous aid to victims and the efficient processing of damage and injury.


Provide insight into traffic safety using initiatives and software applications.