Damage and injury can be reported inside 10 minutes without filling in forms and posting these. The Advantages are that the insurer or lease company can then immediately process the incident and it helps improve traffic safety.

Visible progress

The on-screen progress meter shows how far your report has progressed.

Address details

After entering the postcode and number, the driver’s address is automatically completed.

Active querying

Active querying means it is immediately apparent to users what they need to do.


Completing the form is very simple.

Ease of use

Automatic collection of data from the insurer thanks to the license plate.


Confirmation provides certainty that the vehicle is insured.


Verification using a photograph of the type of car prevents the incorrect license plate being entered.


Form is always sent to the right party which accelerates processing.

Accident location

In practice, those involved are often in a slightly different position after an accident.

Right spot

A precise accident location is automatically also added as text.


Option to easily modify the location description.

GPS helps

The exact location is determined using GPS and then just clicking on the map.