Smart Traffic Accident Reporting

A new stimulus for traffic safety aimed at efficient accident registration for reliable accident analysis.

Every traffic accident should always be registered using MobileDamageReporting.
Every day, VIA Signal provides insight into this data for road managers, the police and consultants.
Re-enabling reliable, up to date accident analyses.
MobileDamageReporting app for registering accidents on location.
Pointing out the advantages of online registration to those involved in a traffic accident.
Draw attention to the importance of traffic safety.
Up-to-date map that provides an overview of all accident locations.
Faster insight into the causes of accidents.
Improved perspective on vulnerable traffic participants.
Private-Public Cooperation (PPC) of stakeholders in the field of traffic safety.
The collaborating stakeholders encourage their own networks to use the app.
All the accident data collected is annually made available to the RWS for BRON.

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